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Pinterest : My One-stop Magazine

I am not an artsy type of person. I always made crappy artworks in art class. Now that I am married, I have this urge to be more decorative when it comes to our home. Maybe my mother-in-law was right. Women are natural nest-makers.

I'm weak when it comes to conceptualizing (in this case art-wise). I get inspirations from other people's creativity. And in return, share the blessing to other people from the inspiration I received. That's why I like the concept of Pinterest.

Pinterest is like my new one-stop magazine. And is basically like an online bulletin board where you can post/pin photos that stirs your creativity. It also serves as organizer to my creative thoughts and ideas when for example when I am planning  of (re)decorating myhome. It also gives the advantage to see other member's boards and discover new blogs that share the same  interest as I do.

Thanks to Cindy  of My Romantic Homes for sharing about Pinterest

Love Aix-en-Provence theme for my dining room and lavender reminds me of it

Love high ceiling and the French door


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