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Very Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken

I've had  my lazy cooking days and today is one. Karen, my husband's cousin's wife (really not sure how to call her in shorter term) shared this recipe from Minute's site and I made this for tonight's dinner. I have tried making good chicken for my sweet and sour but I just couldn't perfect it. My kitchen becomes messy and greasy everytime I fry chickens. so I used frozen chicken nuggets instead. Not really a fan of frozen food, but this isn't bad for easy made asian food. I put fresh veggie in it so thats good. I think.

click here for the recipe

Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken

I had printed recipe with me, but my stubborn self just wont follow the instructions. It is easier and more fun making it, my style.

My hubby liked it. He used chopsticks for more asian feel

French Friday

Today is my French Friday when I post something French.

I am a person that doesn't love colognes and perfumes. But I want to share the scent that captured my nose. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this perfume we bought from Fragonard.


Nope, it is not the French painter guy Jean-Honoré Fragonard. Although, the name of the perfumerie was a tribute to him

 Me and my husband's intention was only to visit the Fragonard Perfumerie museum in Grasse. I never thought my husband would end up buying me a bottle of Belle de Nuit. It is important that he likes the smell because, most of the time, he is the one who smells me anyway and he LOVES IT. I teased him that he could wear it if he want.I guess he doesn't want to smell like a woman. He just likes it on me. We got more interested in it because we heard the history from the tour trip at the museum and, the container can be a beautiful gold souvenir.

A group of tourists asked us to join them to purchase a package of 60ml bottle and we all had each of this for free. Now I have two bottles! Oh joy

 I'd definitely want to get more given another chance to go back to Grasse. It has fruity, not too flowery and timeless scent. They said Belle de Nuit is one of their very old scent. Smells more natural, not too chemical-y.

Bonheur Solid Perfume

We bought perfumes. colognes and solid perfume as gifts to family and friends.

Other scents I love are Diamant (perfume), Eau du Bonheur (cologne)

Calamity Jane's Cottage blog hop

F R E E Blogging Online Seminar

Blogging now is a part of my everyday routine. It gives me more reason to be excited to get-up in the morning and read what other bloggers has to show and tell. Seeing their blogs inspired me to keep on writing and practice more photography. I want to be good at it but I don't think I am equipped with enough knowledge in improving my blog.

Cindy Adkins of Whimsical Musings and writer of “Blogging: It’s a ‘Woman’ Thing” and “Blog from the Heart: A Woman’s Guide to Blogging.”is offering a FREE Blogging 101: Online Seminar for Women. (but men are welcome too).

I applied her tips right after I read it. It was very very helpful! It increased my audience and traffic sources. I will be looking forward to the next lesson.

Its short. It's free .. It's awesome


Lovely Day for John and Lj Shroeder

"You have the Lord's favor . It is a lovely day", I teased my friend LJ "love joy" on her wedding day last Sept. 25. The weather was beautiful, the dress and flowers were absolutely gourgeous and the ceremony was solemn, lovely with a little sense of humor. I can't count how many times I almost burst into tears when they exchanged vows to love each other for the rest of their lives. I could closely relate because I know the hardships of a long distance relationship. I've seen her laughs, I've heard her sorrows, but that day was when I saw her the happiest! They are finally together!

Their eyes shows an overwhelming joy to receive an answered prayer.

love was contagious..

It was an honor to be a part of that special day.

The talented couple Arleth and Mario of Arleth photography did an amazing job capturing significant moments. Arleth is so much fun to work with. Professional but very social and friendly.

3 Ingredient Pulled Pork Recipe

This recipe is as easy as counting 1-2-3. I am blogging about this now while my pork tenderloins are cooking in my crock-pot. I found a few easy recipes for slow cookers from thegirlwhoateeverything. Crockpot will be my bestfriend this week.
I did not grow-up having slow cooker or crockpots in our house. I usually see my mother used pressure cooker.  Both can be used to cook this recipe and come-up with the same result. But the concept Crock pot is cook-it and forget it, while pressure cooker needs a lot of attention. 

So if you don't have a crockpot, use this method for pressure cooking.

The recipe speaks for itself. It only consists of only three ingredients

Rootbeer (or coke will do)
Barbeque sauce

Again, I do not measure, so if you want detailed measurments of ingredients and for cooking directions go here.

If you are feeling fancy, you can make use Bobby Flay's recipe.

In the Phillipines, barbeque sauce is not a typical condiment in the house (or sa mga suking tindahan/ small stores). We concoct our own. If you are not too picky with the taste, you can also make your own simple homemade b-bque sauce  recipe using:

-soy sauce
- vinegar
-brown sugar
-Worcestershire sauce
- ground ginger
-canola or other mild vegetable oil

do not be discouraged if you are missing an ingredient or two. You can use alternative ingeredient that has close or similar taste. That's the art of cooking.

Then serve it in a hamburger bun, or for my fellow Filipinos, in "monay/pandesal" or steamed rice. Kids will love it because of its sweet taste.

Happy B-day Mommy-in-Law

What do I love about my mother-in law? Let me count the ways.

She is the best decorator I've ever known. She has a set of theme for every season. Winter. Spring. Summer. And Fall. You can tell which season it is because it is writen in big letters on the wall. Conditionally should consists of 4 or 5 letter word that represent the current season. My taste of decoration comes from her, an inspiring home-maker. She taught me how to love antiques and turn olds into new.

Our gift was proudly displayed in the dining room. Matching tablecloth and butter-dish from Nice France

She welcomed me into her life as naturally her own and gave me immeasurable love. She insisted that I call her mommy and brags about I am her daughter eventhough our skins obviously do not match. She filled me with hugs and kisses whenever I long for my own mother's because she is too far away. She hug me everyday anyway.

I love her cheery voice and her incredibly contagious laugh. We all love to tease her but she is a great sport and laughed it all away. Everybody loves her.

I love everything about her. I love all her creations. Although, there is one thing I don't like.

To see her cry.

Happy Birthday Mommy!


C.K Eternity for Dessert Pls.

I used to have the habit of smelling anything I put in my mouth, until someone noticed it and asked me why do I do that. I don't know why. It seemed like smelling is my first way of tasting, like my nose is closely associated with my sense of taste. I could smell everything I can eat but I am not sure if I can eat everything I smell.

Time World featured Pastry Chef Jordi Roca, created desserts based on well know scents like Calvin Klein's Eternity and Lancôme's Miracle. I am very intrigued about the taste.

The famous Spanish pastry chef introduced dessert scented perfume inspired by his dessert called
Nuvol de Ilimona

(I first saw the story at Scott and Kelli's blog)


One Dollar Shoes

Clearance section is the place I always go first whenever I go to the mall. I was rummaging for the perfect shoes for my friend's wedding then I saw these. The cheapest shoes in my size.

And just to be clear, the flower thing is actually a bracelet

 I still could not believe I bought it for only a dollar at Kohls. They are in perfect condition. Perfectlt brand new. It was 70% off, plus my husband happened to brought his $10 off coupon

In reality, I couldn't wear them the entire event. I had to change into my dancing shoes for the party.

Calamity Jane's cottage blog hop


A Woman Thing

I just finished reading 'Blogging: It's "Woman" thing.' by Cindy Adkins

The read offers more than just its tittle. Blogging is not only a woman thing, it is an art, passion and can be a writer's bestfriend. I enjoyed reading it. The entire time it felt like talking with a friend over a cup of tea/coffee. The writer was very encouraging. It inspired me to write more after hearing what benefits blogging could give.

The tittle of the second chapter caught my attention. It is similar to my life's goal. To be an inspiration.

I recommend it to begginers (or even to those who are thinking of starting to blog). A great way to start blogging.

It is available in amazon kindle edition.

Worth every cent.

"If you have a talent, by all means, share it. If you have a passion, put it into words, post photos, and let others become aware of it. it. There is no time like the present to start telling your story about who you are."


Making Simple Delicious: Spicy Honey Chicken

I cook like a man, someone told me. I don't measure so it is hard to share recipes of food I made, but let me share this delicious recipe though it isn't mine. I thought it is worth sharing.

I finally tried this recipe for chicken.

But sadly, I did not do it exactly as Christy (blogger of The Girl Who Ate Everything) instructed.

Honey sweet, spicy, grilled. I know! What could go wrong right? I am pretty sure the original recipe tastes heavenly, but my kitchen provided just limited ingredients. The alternative spices I used was salt, fresh grounf pepper, cumin, paprika and my all time favorite thyme (optional). We don't have a grill so I cooked it in the oven for about 420 degrees and approximately 15-20 minutes or until it is cooked. Occationally smothered it with mixture of honey, hot sauce and vinegar while cooking.

My husband liked it.

My French Design 101

There are many themes and inspirations could be applied for home design. I started off by choosing a theme that would remind me and my husband of our good times together. I proposed to have France inspired home theme and both me my husband agreed to it. It is very important to us because France hold a very special place in our hearts because it is where we spent our first year as a married couple.



French it is! But it doesn't end there. It could be more specific and there are more choices like formal French, French country and Parisian. Honestly I couldn't tell which is which. And there are other designs that share similar looks like Romantic, Shabby Chic, Rustic Tuscan. I thought it would be fun to get some reads on how to distinguish from one to another.


Women Don't Play House: The Art of Home-Making

One key element to happiness is knowing what you want. My friend teased me I have become domesticated since I got married. Perhaps that's true and I am not going to deny it. My priorities may have changed but the passion in my heart or i did as single still remains.
I may not be talented in decorating but I realized I am writing/blogging not mainly for the love of decorating. I write because for the love of writing, and decorating just happens to excite me lately.
The exciting part as a freshman housewife is first stage of home-making. It is like providing a painter with fresh clean canvas. I do consider it as an art whereas the home maker as an artist expresses herself through interior design and the outcome could tell stories or visualizes one's character. There is a challenge in putting a vision into execution, the home becomes the representation of who's living in it.
So before I go on buying all the cute or pretty decors I see at the mall, I must know first what I want to spare me from home interior disaster.

To be continued....


Whimsical a-musing day

Bon Jour Blog!

Boring day turned whimsical when I read Cindy Atkin's of "Whimsical Musings" comment on my blog. Oh my what an honor! I first saw her at My Romantic Home Show and tell Friday blog.I love and adore her decorative talent and her shabbiness is just contagious.


This shabby chic blogger just released one of her new books called "Blogging: It's a Woman's Thing"  available in e-book, amazon in kindle edition.
This will be my next read after "The Help"
I am so excited to read it since I started getting hooked into blogging lately.

Learn why blogging is one of the most powerful social networking tools available for women today. Get all the details on creating interesting blog posts. See how blogging can enhance your business. Understand the perks of having your own blog to make a personal statement. Remember, blogging is a “woman” thing and you don’t want to miss the fun!

Tout à l'heure!


D I Y Wall Planner

I pinned this neat idea in my Pinterest board. I found out from Martha Stewart's website where are are lots and lots of neat DIY ideas. This image  never left my mind ever since, and I just couldn't wait to do it for our office space. I thought this would be perfect for our office because I want black, white and gray colors to it.
Chalk wallboard Calendar

Since that we are just living in an apartment and I couldn't paint anything to our walls (bummer), I am going to try something different and see how it will turn out with a few black and gray card boards, tape adhesives and the rest I will see how creative I can get.

I am just excited to share this neat idea.


Dress of Endless Possibilities

Convertible dress, infinity dress, twist-wrap dress, multi-way dress. Whatever you call it, I love it!Like it has many names, there are many possibilities with it too. Style it as many as you can. It is the most practical dress I've ever owned.
(I first saw it here)

So Classy

 As soon as my friend told me that I will be her bridesmaid for her wedding, I spent hours and hours looking for the dress I love and when I saw this convertible dress, I know this is what I want. I like the its multi-style idea. It can be worn as dress or a skirt. Casual or formal or even as a beach dress. Conservative or Sassy. Perfect for bridesmaids.
I've checked Victoria's Secret and every shops I could think of, even Walmart and mossimo Target, and NONE, NONE of them has knee-length chocolate brown color with flow y skirt. After a long search I thought I'd to take it another level. Have it custom made. If you are feeling lucky, you can find tutorials and do it yourself. Instructions on how to wear it are available in youtube.

I stumbled upon the website called Etsy. I contacted Kay of kinderbliss who made mine. She was very nice. She responded to my questions quickly. I had no choice but to rush order it or else it would take four weeks. I got mine for $98 (Including the shipment from Singapore. I think it is a decent price) custom made, including shipping and rush fee and got it after 2 weeks and I am so happy with it! Am I going to buy another one? I am considering it.

Have fun stylin!